Random sentence

A context-free grammar based random sentence generator

So, what's a context-free grammar? You don't care. No, honestly, you don't. But if you insist, it's a set of productions, and non-terminals and terminals. You recurse down a series of productions until all the non-terminals have become terminals (ie you've got a sentence full of words). Potentially, you could have a grammar that produced an article, or a book, say, rather than a sentence. And potentially you could easily plug that into my grammar-engine thing. But at the moment, I only have two grammars, and they only do odd sentences, so tough. Given how easy it is, though, I might make more grammars in the future.

Anyway, that's all boring, just keep refreshing to get new ones of these:

To tell the truth, rotating clockwise should be illegal

Available grammars:
Original Random | Vicky Pollard