Random sentence

A context-free grammar based random sentence generator

So, what's a context-free grammar? You don't care. No, honestly, you don't. But if you insist, it's a set of productions, and non-terminals and terminals. You recurse down a series of productions until all the non-terminals have become terminals (ie you've got a sentence full of words). Potentially, you could have a grammar that produced an article, or a book, say, rather than a sentence. And potentially you could easily plug that into my grammar-engine thing. But at the moment, I only have two grammars, and they only do odd sentences, so tough. Given how easy it is, though, I might make more grammars in the future.

Anyway, that's all boring, just keep refreshing to get new ones of these:

Yeah but, no but, yeah but, the thing is, the thing is, what it is, right, is, what it is, right, is, last Friday, everyone knows that it was that slapper, Tiffany, from my sex education class (that's the one who's got really skanky hair) chatting that I was getting off with Anton in English but I never did nothing cos I was watching Pop Idol with my uncle anyway.

Available grammars:
Original Random | Vicky Pollard